Thursday, January 28, 2010

Laughter and its Health Benefits

Laughter is a powerful, wonderful thing. Its importance is immense and can never be underestimated. Amidst the depths of despair and even in the lowest point of our existence, we can learn to live and carry on if we try to laugh. Laughter is hope --a reassertion of life.

Laughter makes for good health, too. Studies have shown health benefits of laughter. Scientists, psychologists and doctors pointed out the importance of laughter. Humor has several stress relieving benefits and can heal sick people more quickly. Chemicals named endorphins are released when a person laughs. These chemicals relieve stress and indirectly reducing one's risks of a heart attack and other health problems. Endorphins can also trigger response to sexual stimulation.

You need to release build-up tensions in order to stay healthy. Laughter is the simplest way to to do this. Laughter lowers blood pressure, eases depression, and strengthens the immune system. Laughter stimulates the body's muscles, the brain, the respiratory system, the nervous system, and the hormonal system.

Instead of complaining about life's disappointments, try to laugh about them. Find humor in your life. Artists, like me, make a living out of laughter. ha-ha-ha!

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